Welcome to BBContractors home refurbishment and renovation company in London. BBContractors a family owned, insured company has been serving in London for over 14 years. We specialize in home refurbishment and renovation, kitchen and bathroom redesign and room additions.

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Complete Refurbishment of a spacious duplex apartment,  Ginsberg Yard, Back Lane, London NW3 0 Like(s)

Since our foundation BBContractors has continued to deliver excellence in all aspects of the building industry. Below are

Portland Place, London W1 work associated with the refurbishment and extension of existing apartment in a large managed block. 1 Like(s)

This project consisted of complete refurbishment and extension of an existing apartment in a large managed block. Strip

Complete Refurbishment, Gayton Road, Hampstead, London WN3 0 Like(s)

This home refurbishment required a complete rip out, followed by a full electrical re-wire, replacement plumbing, pipework, boiler


Ideas for the home


Planning your kitchen

The placing of worktops and units will obviously largely be dictated by the amount of space and size available. However, there are ways and clever tricks of maximising space and making the area as workable and accessible as possible. Appliances such as oven, hob and refrigerator will necessarily need to be in easy reach of one another. Typically, sinks are placed under the window and the room structure focused around this natural light source, maximising light which keeps the room looking bright and fresh. It is important to always get this balance right, between practicality and maximising all the assets of the room.


Function and style

The difficulties in planning and imagining a beautiful and functional bathroom come from the fact that the positioning of the bath, washbasin, wc and perhaps shower and bidet and all dictated by the location of plumbing and water pipes. The positioning of towel rails, mirrors, wall cabinets and shelving must also be factored it. However, it is possible, with a little bit of thought and planning, to make the aesthetics work with the restrictions in this room. And once the basic fittings are in, the bathroom can be a very imaginative room to plan, with tiles and decorative wallboards ready for fitting!

Lofts and attics

Innovation overhead

In many houses the loft space exists as a unused space, with those living in the house unsure what to do with this space. At BBContractors, we believe this is a waste of valuable space and if the client wishes to maximise this area of the home, turn it into a room, rather than just a space, we have much experience and knowledge in doing this. BBContractors can create a truly workable room, rather than just a space that no one is quite sure what to do with!

Seeing as in many lofts the joists were designed simply to support the weight of the ceiling beneath, and not the added stress of furniture, belongings and the weight of people, the first step in converting this space is to fit stronger joists.

The second task is to create a room with ventilation and light, seeing as loft spaces lack windows. A dormer window is usually adequate in allowing light to reach the space and turn it into a refreshing area. Extra headroom with also be afforded by the addition of this dormer window.

Great ambitions



Emil has an excellent ability to work on budget and provide the best quotes and estimates for all the work required and he is a very honest person.
The work was completed to the best standard on time and towards the end he did everything possible to get us to spend Christmas in our new home, which meant he had to stretch his team to the limit and deal with elements out of his control by providing satisfactory alternatives.

After a year of completing the project I can see how excellent the quality of his work is with no faults at all.

I recommend him unreservedly to any big project and I am sure he deserves to be trusted as a top quality contractor.
Abeer Soliman

Abeer Soliman 88 Portland Place W1B